Spanish / English Lessons and Tutoring for Adults and Children - Help for Public / Private School and College Students. We come to you on your schedule. Days and evenings.
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Spanish Tutor - Cheryl Johnson

¿Quieres aprender Español? (Do you want to learn Spanish?)
 • Ever wanted to be able to say, "Hi, my name is..., what's yours?" ("Hola, me llamo...y usted come se llama?")
  • Want to learn how to order at your fav Mexican restaurants in Spanish?
 • Do you have business opportunities where some mastery of Spanish would be more than rewarding?.
 • Need help studying to pass a Spanish test?
 • I  can help!

"I grew up in a bilingual family and have lived-in and traveled extensively to Mexico and Europe. Not only do I also speak Spanish and French, but have tutored in both languages. I can prepare pre-K children with a bilingual "head-start" even before beginning Kindergarten. Let me help you when you're struggling with grade school, high school, and college Spanish courses. You can have the edge you need to do well on your exams. Businessmen who are about to travel abroad come to me for crash-courses in Spanish and French." Call me and ask any questions.

I will also teach about some of the "cultural differences" which helps my students have a greater understanding about the language he or she is studying.

I believe learning can and should be fun. Try it, you'll like it!

Tutoring Fees
 • 45-60 Minutes: $45 plus mileage @ $.54 / mile
  • 90 Minutes: $75 plus mileage @ $.54 / mile
 • 10% Discount for Pre-paid 10 hr. Blocks (10-1 Hr. Sessions)

Group Rates: May be negotiated
Contract Packages: Call for quote

We come to you. Available by appointment Only.